Strength of Spirit Consulting

“Strengthen the inner spirit and wellness of mind and body will naturally follow.”

Sandra combines her certification in ThetaHealing, years of experience in Spiritual Counseling and intuition to help those who seek her support to tap into their own inherent gifts to seek and find a path toward a better life.

Would you like to feel better physically?

Are you seeking more peace and happiness in your life?

Do you want to clarify the next step on your life’s journey?

Do you desire to deepen your connection to loved ones or to a higher place?

Sandra’s approach is never to act as healer or counselor. Instead, she supports others in being their own best healers and counselors. She believes that everyone has the inherent ability to tap into their own inner knowing and bring about miraculous results. After just one session, you will come away with tools to start you on your way to a life of dreams come true.


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