Why Take the Learning Temperament Test?

By Sandra Alexander, M.A., Author of the Learning Temperament Test

We all learn differently. So whether we are students in a classroom setting, teachers in or out of a school environment or adults seeking to identify our next steps to a more meaningful life, it is crucial to understand how our environment is impacting our learning. Taking the Learning Temperament Test (formerly coined the Spirit Temperament Test) can provide this information.

Then, as we make just small changes in our immediate surroundings, we increased our abilities to learn, to teach and to grow.

We are all born with a Learning Temperament. There are nine Learning Temperaments, formulated from a combination of Ayurvedic principles and human personality types.

Especially in the classroom setting, students can lack focus and struggle with anxiety, stress and social emotional wellness. And teacher then struggle with how best to connect to the disconnected student.

Take the test, follow the recommendations associated with a student’s Learning Temperament (including  in  surroundings and daily habits) and watch the changes in physical and mental distraction, see anxieties soothed, observe the increase in focus, and bring peace into classroom chaos. Students and teachers of all ages will benefit from knowing and nurturing their Learning Temperament.

Once you pay the nominal fee of $1.99, you will receive an email entitled YOUR LEARNING TEMPERAMENT TEST which contains the TAKE THE TEST link. Have fun!

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Note: the Learning Temperament Test will not display on phones and other mobile devices that do not support Flash. You will need to take the test on your desktop or laptop computer.