Safe and Sane or Basking in the Risk: What Will We Find Along the Way to the Sweet Stuff?

As many of us do,  I often wrestle with what is a practical life choice and what is the impractical thing that my heart is asking me to be or do next.

I write this blog today because I sense that we are all, at one tome or another, standing in that place where we are being asked to walk forward, but the path is only slightly illuminated. If we want to feel safe and sane, and if we need for others around us to approve of our lifestyle choices, we wait. We wait for the path to show us clearly where we are headed so we can decide whether we like what we see. And that waiting could and is quite likely to last forever.

For me, maybe for all of us, it is a time to embrace uncertainty, bask in the energy of risk, and know it is ok to not know.

Doing the Best We Can

I think that no matter the specifics of what is being asked of us at any point in our lives, the only thing we are really being asked is to do the best we can.  I think that’s what we are all doing in any given moment. Our best. each day, it can be enough to just ask one question in starting our day.

“What is my assignment for today?”

Most times our daily task is as simple as showing up in every moment being light, kind and cheerful. In my Love Above and Beyond writings, lessons I learned through astral travel taught me that, like one of those yummy cream filled donuts, in order to get to the sweet stuff in the middle, we have to make our way through the boring stuff, the tasteless stuff, and sometimes it all falls apart on the way. And even when we think we know what’s coming next, when we plan out everything to support our inner and comfort and happiness, we really have a clue. Sometimes we have anticipated the yummy filing in that donut only to discover that this one is completely empty.

Anticipation is important and the excitement of that can keep us going. But maybe we can anticipate without expectation of exactly what the sweet things coming our way will look like. In western psychology that’s called high expectation anxiety which is running rampant all around us, especially in our youth and helping to create an epidemic of depression, irritability and overwhelm.

Visualization is a powerful tool. But if we can visualize how we prefer to feel each day rather than the way the day or even the rest of our life can go a long way to building our resilience and strength of spirit.

Love and light, Sandra

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