A New Passage: Walking Before the Path Appears


Since I released my book, The Sweet Creamy Stuff in the Middle: Love Above and Beyond, I’ve celebrated with beloved friends and family at book signings in 3 different locations. Together, we celebrated one another and I personally celebrated stepping out into new and more authentic way of being. I have always been intuitive. Since I was a child, I have always traveled into other dimensions of time and space. But my first live reading from Love Above and Beyond on April 23, 2017 in Durango, Colorado, was a real stretch for me. For the first time, I allowed the true me to be revealed publicly and fully.

I read excerpts from the book, telling of my long hidden secret love affair with a man who had left his body in 2007. I called him Daniel. Together, Daniel and I explored what love and sexuality could be without physical bodies to hamper or control us. These public readings changed me, birthing me into a whole new passage of life.  Those attending and other readers have claimed that our story, mine and Daniel’s, has changed them, too, all impacted differently.

Now just 5 months after the book’s release, I am called to take another step. A giant step. My divine guidance has moved me onto the path of promoting this book, and writing another. I am feeling under prepared, but willing.

So I began my physical travels today, September 26, 2017, divested of my physical belongings, in faith that the path will light up before me and that all I need along the way will be provided. In doing this, I am keeping a sacred promise that I made to Daniel and to myself, honoring our experience together.

Most days I am sure and feeling pretty confident. And then there are moments of pure anxiety and freak out.

I am blogging along the way, in hopes that our story and my upcoming journey will bless you, the reader, in some way.

In whatever phase you find yourself in your own spiritual awakening, I would love to hear from you. I know that your wisdom will encourage and strengthen me. That’s what we are meant to be to one another. To love one another above and beyond.

Enjoy the upcoming excerpts and video readings. I will move along in sync with the book passages, You can follow along with the Ebook or hard copy if you’d like. In love, Sandra





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